Die Zukunft des Bitcoins is gruen green mining
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Why the Bitcoin code cannot be manipulated

One assertion is that the Bitcoin code contains a Trojan programmed by its creator “Satoshi Nakamoto”: He or she is said to have inserted the code for a Trojan into the Bitcoin protocol, in order to control or take this over at a later date. It is also possible that Bitcoin as a new kind of money was engendered by a government. People have accepted it, but the government still retains control.

No matter who programmed it, the Bitcoin code, its algorithm, is open source. Any software developer can access it, understand it and test it. If there were a code in there that would enable someone to seize control, it would have been removed by the first developer who disagreed with it.

What’s more, if a node in the Bitcoin network tried to enforce entirely new rules that did not coincide with all the others, it would simply be removed from the network. Transactions undertaken in accordance with non-compliant rules are not processed by the rest of the network and are in practice irrelevant. If you have the choice of either running Bitcoin software through which your money could be stolen, as opposed to software that would not allow that, which would you opt for?

It is also irrelevant whether “Satoshi Nakamoto“ was actually a government. It doesn’t matter – he or she has with foresight developed a system in which the system creator is irrelevant.