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The Zero Hour of Bitcoin

The banking-dominated system of economies is vulnerable. The global financial crisis has led to tremendous upheavals as a result of the collapse of banks. But then Satoshi Nakamoto conceived Bitcoin.

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How Anonymous Is Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin Blockchain documents every single Bitcoin transaction made. Those who take a great effort can achieve anonymity. But only cash guarantees it.

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Megatrend Bitcoin Zahlungssystem Zukunft Digitalisierung Arnheim

The Mega Trend Bitcoin

Mega trends have a significant impact on economic, political, and social developments. One such mega trend is decentralization. Bitcoin is a decentralized system. Find out why this makes it a technological mega trend itself.

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The Bitcoin Blockchain

The Bitcoin Blockchain – revolutionary as the Internet. Blockchain means “chain of data blocks”. The data blocks store the transactions that were performed with bitcoins. The Bitcoin Blockchain builds on the Internet and is just as fundamental.

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bitcoin mining miner schürfen

Bitcoin Mining

Where the new bitcoins come from – bitcoin mining. The process of creating new bitcoins is called “mining”. The miners continue to build the Bitcoin blockchain and are paid for it with bitcoins. How bitcoin mining works is awesome.

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Is Bitcoin the New Gold?

Being the first purely digital money, Bitcoin is at the same time a means of payment and a store of value. That is why it is compared to gold. However, it always needs to be considered that Bitcoin is still in its infancy. But with specific regard to the early course of the gold price, there are amazing parallels to the Bitcoin price.

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Bitcoin Transactions

A transaction with Bitcoin is straightforward and secure. It is a transfer from one wallet, digital purse, to another, such as between Sophia and Fabian.

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