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Bitcoin BTC was ist cryptocurrency digitale Währung

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is on everyone’s lips, but a mystery to most of us. It is rewarding to deal with it. So what exactly is Bitcoin, who invented it, and what is its purpose?

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eine welt eine waehrung bitcoin

One World, One Currency. Bitcoin.

Digitalization is making our lives easier, removing burdens from our day-to-day routines. It allows us to communicate on the move, at any time and anywhere in the world. It delivers tremendous advances in every area of life. Yet, despite this, few could have imagined how digitization would revolutionize our monetary system.

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Bluete Falschgeld Euro dud counterfeit lavender hill

No Bitcoin on Lavender Hill

In the printing of false banknotes forgers have brought it to perfection. One of them was the Lavender Hill Mob in the 1990s. It would cut its teeth trying it with Bitcoin.

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Quantum Computers – the End of Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin Blockchain is regarded as virtually unhackable. Current computer technology would require millions of years in order, for example, to break the Bitcoin protocol signature algorithm. Does the same apply to quantum computers? IBM and Google are not alone in working flat out on supercomputers of this type. A risk to Bitcoin?

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